About Glassics

Glassics Architectural Glass Hardware.

GLASSICS Architectural Hardware is one of the oldest tradinghouse deals in Floor Hinge, Patch Fittings, Glass Connectors, Shower Hinges, Glass Door Handles Lockswithout Cutout, Spider Fittings etc.

GLASSICS Architectural Hardware can befound in some ofthefinest personals and commercial buildings. Our products are reliable, durable and engineered, to perform under the most demanding circumstances. Latest design that make statement intuitive and offer exceptional safety, manufacturing facilities utilize modern engineering process exceptional technical staff in order to ensure customer satisfaction & reliability.

We follow stringent quality checking methods and abide by international standards. Regular up gradation of quality standards ensures that all products leaving our premises are up to the quality specification of the market.

Glassic Services


High quality service is important-that is why our service technicians are trained, certified and committed to the highest level of customer service.
GLASSIC's Service team has gained their customer’s trust and confidence to be retained as their trusted global partner for Service. With a team of highly skilled and trained service technicians, we are eveready to take your call and come to your assistance.

Our Range of Products

• Floor Spring, • Hydraulic Patch Fittings, • Patch Fittings, • Point Fixed Glass Connectors, • Shower Hinges, • Glass Connectors, • Plastic Profile, Shower Knight Head Accessories, • Shower Sliding System, • Office Sliding System, • Sliding Door System, • Locks Without Cutout, • Spider Fittings, • Fin Plates & Splice Plates, • Routels, • Canopy Fittings, • Door Handles, • Railing Accessories, • Miscellaneous, • Aluminium Profiles